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Outdoor Development

You may remember earlier this year a couple of news items from Stepaside CP School relating to grants and donations.  The first related to a “bags of help” grant which we received from Tesco.  Parents, family and friends of the school all voted with their little blue discs over the Christmas period last year and in January it was announced that we had won £4000.  We were delighted with this and the opportunities it provided for us to develop our outdoor play area.  However as we started to look around at equipment we realised that £4000 was not enough to achieve what the pupils needed.  We were very fortunate, a couple of months later, to be approached by Denise Burrows and her family with a very generous legacy donation in lieu of flowers at her Father’s funeral.  Later Denise approached us with a further very generous donation from her parents’ estate.

Added together these finances allowed us to plan for a fantastic play area and provision of extra outdoor seating for group work and quiet activities.  The installation of the play equipment is complete and the benches are expected any day to complete the works.

“We are extremely grateful to Mrs Burrows and her family for the generous donations she presented to the school.  We are also very grateful to Tesco, their customers and Groundworks UK for the grant of £4000.  These donations have meant that a previously impossible dream has been realised.  There simply is not the money in school budgets to provide this type of activity centre.  The pupils are enjoying using the equipment as part of their PE lessons as well as during play times.” Commented Mr Paul Harries, Headteacher at Stepaside CP School.