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Trenches Experience

Dosbarth Draenog visited the Trenches Experience at Morfa Bay this week.  The weather was beautiful and the children had a fantastic day.  They learned so much about the first world war and they have been able to use this back in the classroom.  The whole class were able to have a go on the zip line too!!

P1020515 P1020519

P1020527 P1020530

P1020535 P1020563

P1020543 P1020550

P1020567 P1020570

P1020575 P1020578

P1020581 P1020588

P1020517 P1020518 P1020520 P1020521


P1020523 P1020525

P1020531 P1020532 P1020537


P1020545 P1020546