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BMX Flatland Display

As a prize for taking part in the SUSTRANS Big Pedal event this year, the pupils at Stepaside CP School were given the opportunity to have a visit from Matti Hemmings and Yinka Thomas.  Matti and Yinka entertained the whole school with their BMX Flatland display.  The weather was a little windy for some of the tricks but the sunshine meant the whole school could watch together outside.  Mrs Blewitt and Mr Adams both had a go a performing a trick too.  The display was organised by Sustrans and funded by Pembrokeshire County Council.  “We are very grateful to PCC and Sustrans for the provision of this excellent display.  It’s great for the pupils to be rewarded for their efforts and also to be inspired by what practice and commitment can achieve.” commented Mrs Williams, school admin officer, who coordinated the visit.



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