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Awards Galore

The end of term has been marked at Stepaside CP School with the presentation of awards to pupils who have worked hard all year.  There have also been presentations to mark the hard work of the school council and presentations to the winners of Tenby in Bloom.

The class awards were presented to: Nursery, Jack Williams and Phoebe Williams.  Reception, Freya Thomas and, Caiden Thomas.  Year 1, Cody Glanville and Lisa Stevens.  Year 2, India Brace and Noah Reynolds.  Year 3 Kristina Ardern and Bertie Hobbs.  Year 4 Sophia Dellaquaglia and Morgan Jones.  Year 5 Jamie Keating and Patience Fraser-Brown

Year 6 awards were presented at their Leavers evening to the following

Carys Wood, overall academic, Jamie Albero, maths, Daisy Hobbs, English,  Rocky Lee, Art,  Jack Jones, reading,  Ryan Cooper, cricket, Lola James, services to school,  Megan Davies, musician, and James Ardern, services to sport.


Year 6 were also presented with a dictionary from the Saundersfoot Rotary club and a geometry set from the school.

Tenby in Bloom winners from Stepaside CP School were Scarlett Evans, Mason Riley, Eliza Wood, Lisa Stevens, Jacqueline Dunfee, Gabriel Reynolds, Brooke Shields, Codey Handley, Shaylyn Mason, Sohia Dellaquaglia, Lucy lewis, Jimmy Salisbury, Ashleigh Morgan- Scourfield, Carys Wood, Erin Torres and Rocky Lee



In the final assembly of the year pupils with 100% attendance for the whole year were awarded medals and the whole school were treated to an ice cream at break time for their excellent attendance this year.  The school has exceeded its attendance target for the third year in a row meaning that pupils are making the most of every day at school.

We were also delighted that one of our year 6 pupils, Cobie Jones, won a competition related to Bertie the Sea bass.  Pupils were asked to guess how many plastic bottles were inside the new Sculpture at Amroth.  Cobie’s guess was the closest and he won a lovely book with was given by Amroth Community Council.

Mr Harries, Stepaside CP School Headteacher, is delighted with how the year has gone at School, commenting, “We are exceptionally proud of all our pupils, they work very hard in school and we are often complimented on their behaviour when they are on offsite visits.  We wish our leavers all the very best in their various secondary schools.  We are looking forward to making a new start in September and welcoming some new pupils to join us at Stepaside CP School.  We know that parents will continue to support us making sure that their children are in school at every possible opportunity.”